/ How do banana plugs connect to speakers?

How do banana plugs connect to speakers?

Banana plugs are a type of connector that can be used to connect speaker wires to speakers or other audio equipment. To connect banana plugs to speakers, follow these steps:
1. Strip the ends of the speaker wire to expose the bare wire.
2. Unscrew the banana plug and slide the plastic cover over the                                   

metal post.
3. Insert the bare wire into the hole in the metal post and screw

the metal post back into the banana plug.
4. Slide the plastic cover back over the banana plug.
5. Repeat these steps for the other end of the speaker wire.
6. Insert the banana plugs into the speaker terminals, making

sure the positive and negative plugs are inserted into the correct terminals.
7. Tighten the speaker terminal screws to secure the banana plugs in place.
Once the banana plugs are connected to the speaker terminals,

the speaker wire is securely connected to the speakers and ready to use.

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