/ How To Install Banana Plug and Speaker Wire Connection Solution


How To Install Banana Plug and Speaker Wire Connection Solution

Speaker Wire association resolution

The Crimp & Twist Closed-Screw Banana Plugs are a unit a good selection for terminating high-quality speaker wire for five.1 or 7.1 surround audio system. produce custom-length cables with these rugged, corrosion-resistant connectors with none tools or bonding. The speaker wire is terminated within the connecter rather than being exposed to the terminal for sturdiness and reliable performance.

Tool-Free Installation

Provides a secure various to winding blank speaker wire around a terminal.

Banana Plug Installation Notes

1. Un-screw the gold-plated tip from the body
2. Cut and strip regarding 1/2 in. of the cable jacket
3. Insert the speaker wire through the massive finish of the bottom
4. Fan-out the wire equally over the highest 1/8” of the bottom being careful to not cowl the screw threads
5. Insert the bottom into the body and firmly screw everything along
6. Tug on the cable to verify that the association is secure
7. Tighten the binding post terminals on the instrumentation before inserting the banana plug

Banana Plug parts
Ferromanganese tip with gold-plating
Banana plug housing with 360 easy-grip treads
Black or red ring to spot signal polarity
Screw-on base

Universal Binding Post Compatible
Binding post plate or keystone jacks
A/V receiver or speakers with binding posts

Sturdy Banana Plug
Solid metal plug
Supports the burden of speaker wire
Corrosion-resistant connectors

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