It’s completely understandable that touching any appliance in your home might give you the shivers, considering how dangerous this task can be for amateurs. The good news is that replacing a new wall plate switch is completely safe and secure if you follow these instructions.

The tools you need
You’ll only need a few things to tackle this DIY project.

The board you’re replacing
A flathead screwdriver
A utility knife
Knowledge of your breaker box
Steps for replacing the switch plate
You’ll want to first turn off the power to the room where you’re replacing the wall switch. Turning off the circuit breaker will help keep you safe. You’ll also want to make sure the switch is off before you start.

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws from the old plate. You may find that it quickly comes off the wall, exposing the inner workings of the switch, but it doesn’t always do that.

The paint around the board may have acted like glue. In this case, you’ll want to carefully use a hobby knife on the edge to loosen it. Gently work around the edge so you can get through any layers of paint. Once you’ve done all of that, you should be able to remove the old board without damaging the surrounding paint.

Place the new switch plate on the wall and screw it in place.

Turn your electricity back on and try out your new switch.

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