High-definition coming, flat-panel TVs have gradually become popular, so the new house decoration should consider the issue of home theater audio wiring, even if temporarily not on the HD theater, should also be well laid out the relevant wiring, so as not to later take the bright lines affect the aesthetics.

Firstly, Connection to the TV.

Connecting the TV should be laid on the high-definition line (HDMI) and at least two sets of audio and video lines (to connect DVDs as well as set-top boxes and other equipment), and can also be reserved for VGA lines to facilitate the connection of ordinary computers.

The easiest way to do this is to bury a 5cm diameter PVC pipe between the bottom of the TV set and the TV cabinet, all the wires can be passed through it, and due to the short distance, it is very convenient to draw the wires directly and increase.

Secondly, Connection to the projector.

Projector prices have gone down year by year, 1080p has been within 10,000 yuan; even 3000-5000 yuan products, as long as the contrast parameters can reach 3000 projector, used to form a home theater can have a not bad performance, watch movies, the big screen is addictive ah. So interested friends in advance cloth projector wire is necessary, large screen HD home theater will definitely become the trend.

Connecting the projector’s wire is best to cloth on two high-definition line (HDMI), because the plug of the high-definition line may be damaged because of repeated unplugging, and then smashing the wall will be more than worth it; can also cloth at the same time a video line and VGA line backup, because the home equipment will continue to increase.

High-definition wire wiring method can be extended from the TV cabinet to the floor, and then to the back wall, the market has a special HDMI plug board for sale, you can put the wire through the tube after the two ends connected to the plug board, the player and projector and then a short high-definition wire plugged into the terminal block.

Thirdly, home theater audio cable.

Home theater audio wire more, and also divided into audio model line and speaker line, wiring to pay attention to.

1, audio cable: audio cable is the transmission of sound signals, but also need circuit amplification to get out the sound. If the subwoofer is an independent amplifier, it is necessary to output a bass audio signal from the 5-channel amplifier to the subwoofer; most subwoofers are placed on the left or right side of the TV cabinet against the wall, so an audio line (coaxial line) is pre-buried from the TV cabinet position to the left or right side, and the two ends are fixed with RCA terminal sockets on the The wall, when using can be unplugged at will. Although a good subwoofer has no sense of direction, but try to be able to be placed on the left or slightly better. Other audio and video lines or through the PVC pipe to the TV, or directly connected to the amplifier and playback equipment, etc., because the wire is very short, there is no wiring.

2, speaker wire, also called speaker wire.

Home theater is generally divided into 7.1 channel and 5.1 channel, the general living room and viewing distance of less than 10 meters of independent audio-visual hall, it is recommended to use 5.1 can, 7.1 placement is not reasonable then the sound will be more chaotic, sound and picture will appear disconnected, the feeling of watching the movie will be poor instead.

5.1 or 7.1 in the .1 refers to the subwoofer, the front has explained the wiring method, so you only need to cloth 7 or 5 speaker lines on it. The front is the left speaker, right speaker and center speaker, left and right distance between 1 m 8 set 2 m 5, if it is and with large screen projection, left and right distance can also be lengthened to both sides of the screen, the same connection socket installed on the wall, the middle through the tube; center speaker can be used without wiring, directly connected to the amplifier can be. Surround speakers on the back wall of the sofa about 1.5 meters, as for the height and placement on the side wall and the back wall, can be placed according to the actual situation, do not have to be too calculating, but must be in the position above the back of the ear.

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