2 way audio spliiter 3.5mm stereo with suction cup


Color:customized design is welcomed

Input :3.5mm stereo plug
Output:3.5mm stereo jack
Unit Weight:12G
Function:gifts,music share, headphone splitter
LOGO:customized design is welcomed

2 way audio spliiter 3.5mm stereo with suction cup Description

Headset to PC adapter ,With 3.5mm Speaker Mic Stereo Audio adapter, you can connect your newer headsets (audio & microphone) to a PC or Laptop for use with VOIP applications, such as Skype or chat programs, MSN Mesenger , Yahoo, Google Voice etc.
Cable length – 20 Cm .3.5mm Speaker and headphone Splitter with two male ports : one for Headphone Jack on your PC/Laptop, the other for Mic Jack on your PC/Laptop.
3.5mm stereo splitter cable allows you to easily connect your stereo headset Mic to a PC audio port and mic port at the same time.
3.5mm audio splitter cable with Oxygen-free copper provide maximum’s conductivity and durability ,Compact design for maximum portability – a great solution to have on hand in your laptop bag.
Flexible cable length 30cm. Clearly labeled adapter: colors and symbols for easy identification of mic and headphone inputs.

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