2mm Banana plug solderless bond high premium



Type:Audio Adapter

Material:ABS and Metal


2mm Banana plug solderless bond high premium Description

1、Simple, fast, flexible: Banana plugs work directly into binding posts, saving you the trouble of shtup in or unscrewing speaker wire – particularly once area is tight. They’re compatible with a spread of wire diameters up to AWG ten (2×1.5mm²-2×6mm²)
2、Secure connection: Leaf springs make sure the plug remains firmly connected to the socket for optimum contact, whereas the twin screw locks guarantee the speaker wire stays firmly connected to the plug

3、Interference-free sound: Premium 24K gold plating on all internal and external surfaces protects against oxidisation for a time period of use

4、36 months manufacturer assurance

NOTE: electronic equipment binding posts typically have little plastic caps within them that you’ll ought to take away before inserting a banana plug. Please talk over with your amp’s user guide for any details

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