5-Pack Gold-Plated RG6 Keystone Jack Insert


Material: ABS and metal


Feature: Keystone Module

5-Pack Gold-Plated RG6 Keystone Jack Insert Description

SAT/F Coupler Insert Keystone Module


The Olane RG6 Coaxial Keystone Jack inserts provide a secure and quick way to connect an RG6 coaxial cable to your wall-mounted UHD TV. These commercial grade inserts provide a time-saving and tidy alternative to running long coax cables across the floor.

Cost-Effective 5-Pack

This convenient 5-Pack provides spare keystone jacks for a bedroom and basement location.

1. Snaps into module patch panels and compatible wall plates Integrate one port F head TV female to female connector

2. Gold-plated RG6 connectors are rated up to 3 GHz for HD video streaming applications
3. Easy to use,easily disconnected and relocated for temporary or long term configurations,It’s standard Keystone jack and can fit into any keystone wall plate

4. Tooless connection and easy snap-in retaining clip ensure a secure and corrosion free connection standard size easy to install directly

Reliable Signal Transmission

  • Standard F-81 connector port
  • Screw-on a coax cable to each side
  • Frequency-rated up to 3 GHz

Important Note: May not fit slim decorator-style wall plate blanks for keystone jacks





Commercial grade rg6 keystone Jack insert for theater or high-speed router applications provides fast screw-on association of Associate in Nursing RG6 coax cables

Sturdy snap in construction of RG6 keystone insert provides a secure association in a very keystone plate or a keystone patch panel with commonplace keystone jack openings; merely connect a cable to every facet

Coax keystone tailor-made installation {in a|during a|in Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} value effective five pack of cable connectors provides a protected and skilled termination of RG6 cable with an F-Pin concentric  tip

Re-usable keystone jack inserTS are often simply disconnected and resettled for temporary or long run configurations; Gold-plated RG6 connectors area unit rated up to three rate for UHD video streaming applications

RG59 & RG6 cable compatible with F-81 barrel connexion screw terminals for brand new or existing installations within the home or office; Coax keystone jack fits a standard-sized insert in a very plate or patch panel; might not be compatible with all models of slim, decorator-style wall plates with a keystone blank

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