Crimp and Twist Closed Screw Banana Plugs for Speaker Wire

  1. Ferromanganese tip with gold-plating
  2. Banana plug housing with 360 easy-grip treads
  3. Black or red ring to identify signal polarity
  4. Screw-on base
  5. Solid metal plug
  6. Supports the weight of speaker wire
  7. Corrosion-resistant connectors

Crimp and Twist Closed Screw Banana Plugs for Speaker Wire Description

Speaker Wire association answer
The Cable Matters Crimp & Twist Closed-Screw Banana Plugs ar a good selection for terminating high-quality speaker wire for five.1 or 7.1 surround system. produce custom-length cables with these rugged, corrosion-resistant connectors with none tools or attachment. The speaker wire is terminated within the connection rather than being exposed to the terminal for sturdiness and reliable performance.

Tool-Free Installation

Provides a secure various to winding clean speaker wire around a terminal.

Banana Plug Installation Notes

  1. Un-screw the gold-plated tip from the body
  2. Cut and strip about 1/2 inch of the cable jacket
  3. Insert the speaker wire thru the large end of the base
  4. Fan-out the wire evenly over the top 1/8” of the base being careful not to cover the screw threads
  5. Insert the base into the body and securely screw everything together
  6. Tug on the cable to verify that the connection is secure
  7. Tighten the binding post terminals on the equipment before inserting the banana plug





Premium speaker wire banana plug connective delivers a pristine audio signal from your twelve, 14, sixteen or eighteen AWG speaker wire; The speaker banana plugs connect speakers from AN Ab receiver to a house seven.1 surround system

Closed screw banana connectives give quick and secure termination with a three piece crimp & twist connector for making custom length cables with none soldering; The speaker plugs give a clean and longer lasting different to twisting speaker wires over exposed terminals

Sturdy construction of speaker connectors give a stable and solid association in a very 360 degree, easy-grip, aluminiferous housing; A copper body construction with corrosion-resistant, 24K gold-plated, ferromanganese tips give a solid association to transmit distortion-free audio

Simple installation of 4 piece banana adapters; A removable tip and screw-on base build it straightforward to insert and secure the cable; Connect your speakers to the proper terminals with the colour coded red and black polarity rings on the banana plug cable pairs

Cost-effective seven pairs of banana plug jacks will connect from AN Ab receiver to seven speakers; connect with a banana plug binding post, banana plug plate, or a banana plug keystone; A time period warrant is enclosed with these banana plugs for peace of mind once getting

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