Double Gang Recessed Speaker Wall Plate with Binding Post for 8 Speakers


Material: PC and metal

Accessories:Four screws

Feature: solderless connection

Double Gang Recessed Speaker Wall Plate with Binding Post for 8 Speakers Description

Double Gang Speaker Wall Plate with Binding Post for 8 Speakers

Pro Audio Arrangement
The Olane Double-Gang Banana Jack Binding Post plate for six Speakers provides a straightforward thanks to connect speakers across the space or down the wall. Conceal speaker wire within the wall rather than fastening it to the skirting board for a secure and professional-looking installation. Connect with twelve to eighteen AWG vacant speaker wire, banana plugs, or spade connectors.

Sturdy Construction

This durable plate is constructed to last. Painted screws square measure enclosed with the two-piece plate for a professional-looking installation.

Important Notes

Some models of banana plug connectors might not match once used on either side thanks to the length of the terminals
This plate isn’t interchangeable with a Decora wall plate

1. Built with high quality gold plated copper connectors that resist oxidation and corrosion

2. Easy to install and remove with no soldering or special tools required. Mounts to standard size gang boxes.
3. Eliminate the clutter of wiring along your baseboards which results in a clean and tidy installation. Matching binding posts on front and back with color coded thumbscrews.
4. 2 RCA jacks. Allows connection of up to 7 speakers, 2 subwoofers. Dedicated labeling on the front plate. Use with banana plugs, spades or bare wire.

5. Accommodates banana plugs on both front and back sides of the plate at the same time depending on depth of gang box.


Screw-Type Binding Post
Accepts banana plugs, spade connectors, or clean speaker wire
Connect a banana plug on one facet solely
Use 12-18 AWG wire on the opposite facet


2 gang banana plug wall plate with standard black/red terminals can connect up to 8 speakers; Audio wall plates fit a standard double gang outlet or low volage bracket for your home theater system; Low-profile wall plate is 4.5 x 4.5 x 0.6 inches; Mounting screws are included

Screw type speaker wall plates with adjustable thumb screws can be used with banana plugs, spade connectors, or bare 12 to 18 AWG speaker wire; Binding post terminals on speaker wall plate have red and black ring labels on both sides for easy identification

Speaker wire wall plate with female portson both sides can connect speaker wire concealed behind the wall; Connect to a speaker in the ideal location at an existing wall plate location or new outlet location for a surround sound system with this banana plug wall plate

Two-piece outlet with faceplate and banana plug inserts makes the installation easier; Home theater wall plate with gold-plated binding post connectors provide a reliable connection to distribute authentic audio

8 speaker set of AV wall plates connects up to 8 speakers for an existing home theater system or a future A/V upgrade; Install this banana jack wall plate close to your speakers for a professional looking installation

Installation Tips
Connect the speaker wire to the rear of the binding posts within the insert
Fasten the insert to the plate with the shorter screws
Attach the assembled plate to the wall bracket
Connect the speaker wire or banana plugs to the front

Package Contents
2x Banana Jack Binding Post Inserts
1x Single-Gang plate
8x Mounting Screw

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