Double TV/FM Wall Socket

Twin TV Aerial Socket Coaxial Connector for Television and Radio

Size: 8.41 x 8.25 x 4.45 cm

Material: ABS and metal
Accessories:Four  screws
Feature: solderless connection
Model No:OL-EU-1002

Double TV/FM Wall Socket Description

The double aerial socket lets you connect radios and TV sets quickly and easily. It comes with a white wall plate and screws for easy mounting.
BACK CHANNEL: The SSD 2-10 SAT plug with 10 dB connection loss is suitable for back channel in connection with a TV, to which a cable modem can be easily connected. The box can be inserted as a junction box, wall box or with mounting frame.
INDIVIDUAL USE: The antenna socket can be used, among others, as a single cable system. It also serves as an alternative box in a conventional TV distribution. Suitable for mounting under plaster.
TV CABLE: The coaxial connector is made with a coaxial cable input and output so that you can use the wall socket for a single cable solution.
ONE FOR ALL: Have multimedia connection and distribution throughout the house. The wall socket can be used as a flush-mounted socket, cavity wall socket or as a surface-mounted socket with surface-mounted frame.

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