Keystone Jack Insert OL-US-1061

MODEL No: OL-US-1061

Material: ABS and metal

Accessories: NONE

Feature: Keystone Module

Keystone Jack Insert OL-US-1061 Description

Keystone Jack Insert – banana jack W/red Ring(Screw Type) Coupler-Ivory


1. Easy snap-in retaining clip ensure a secure and corrosion free connection
2. There is a female jack on both sides of the connector so you can plug a cable into the back, as well as into the front
3. Fits all standard keystone wall plates and panels

About Our Keystone Jack Insert Product Overview

We are a successful manufacturer of keystone jack insert items. We have a commitment to manufacturing the best-in-class features of reasonably priced keystone jack inserts compatible with keystone wall plates designed to add, remove, and replace them yourself without complexity.

Keystone jack inserts are used as well as adapted in commercial and residential buildings. They are designed to work with various wall plate for computer devices, A/V, computer network devices, audio and home theatre system and devices, and other resources. Our products in this category are known for their excellent applications. They are durable and strong enough to protect the overall inserts against damages.

A keystone blank insert is designed to fill unused ports in the keystone wall plate. You can explore everything about the best products in this category and make an informed decision to order the suitable product. You will get exceptional benefits from properly buying the high-quality keystone jack insert.

Eye-catching features and reasonable prices of keystone jack insert give you an overview about how to prefer and purchase one of the best products. You can consult with our qualified team and discuss about anything associated with our product collection. You will get excellent benefits from properly buying the keystone jack insert.

When building your own wall plate solution, you need the best keystone jack insert for the system. Keystone jack insert is a modular wall plate system which can be populated with a variety of Audio, Video and Data connectors & adapters. keystone jack inserts are available in Black, White, and Stainless Steel with various punch-out configurations. Save money and precious installation time by using keystone jack insert and get the job done right the first time, and on time. Olane Electronics has a variety of keystone inserts, including jacks for audio, video, fiber, HDMI, and more. We also carry blanks to keep your wall plate keystone jack inserts clean and dust-free when not in use.

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