Tv Wall Socket OL-US-1014

MODEL No: OL-US-1014

Size: 75*115*15mm

Material: PC and matel

Accessories: Two screws

Feature: solderless connection

Tv Wall Socket OL-US-1014 Description

SAT F Female and RJ45 Jack TV Wall Socket For AUS and USA


1. Easy to install – Installs just like any light switch plate, all you need is a standard screwdriver and plug the cable into the front and back.Then connect the cable to your terminals.

2. Convenient usage – This wall port jack is the perfect solution for connecting TV boxes, Router or other Coax/Ethernet Channel-enabled devices to your other devices.
3. Ethernet keystone is compatible with Cat7 Cat6 Cat5 Cat5e network ethernet cable.
4. Standard size 7cm*11.5cm (W*L) wall plate with 2 pcs screws, Removable HDMI Keystone jack and Coax keystone jack.

5. Package Contents:2 Port Wall Plate + Cat6 Keystone Jack + Coax Keystone Jack + 2 x Screws.(Not included Low-Voltage Mounting Bracket).

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