Wall Plate OE20-1001



Material: PC and matel

Accessories:Two screws

Feature: solderless connection

Wall Plate OE20-1001 Description

Black Bull-Nose Brush AUS Wall Plate Extension Type


1. Bull-Nose Brush Wall Plate Cable Pass Through Insert easily creates cable access from any wall

2. Smooth and clean HDTV Installations, perfect for HDTV cables and home theater installations
3. Easy to set up, installation can be finished in a few minutes.You just need to insert the brush into the outer casing and place on the wall.
4. Run your cables cleanly and neatly through the wall, the package is equipped with mounting screws.

5. Note:The same size as a standard outlet wall plate(regular single outlet size), the plate DOESN’T FIT OLD WORK BOXES.

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Electrical wall plates are much more than a covering for an electrical outlet or light switch. While those certainly make up most peoples’ idea of a wall plate’s function, there are a lot more options out there. Olane Electronics stocks a full line of wall plates for A/V and Data applications, including HDMI, Component, DVI, USB, keystone and gang wall plates with 1-6 ports that are customizable in pretty much any way you can think of. Wall plates serve the basic function of serving as an entrance into the wall for various cables and wires. Anyone can tell you that, but there is so much more to them! They cover electrical outlets and wall switches, but can also be used as the wall plate for A/V and data, offering a lot of versatility to what can come out of your wall. Having the right wall plate can prevent needing to house your cables outside of the wall, in the room, which would limit your floor space. For example, when building a home theater, it would be way more convenient to house your AV equipment right in the wall vs. in a separate place. It just takes a little bit of pre-planning and knowing exactly what you are going to be using your wall plate four.

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