/ speaker wall plate installation


speaker wall plate installation

Wall speaker socket installation steps:


1. Determine the installation location: Use a protractor or measuring tape to determine the location on the wall where the socket is to be installed, and use a puncher to punch holes.


2. Prepare installation materials: In addition to the socket, it is also necessary to purchase appropriate wall screws and or other supporting devices.


3. Threading: Fit the plug to the audio wire and thread the wire through the hole drilled in the wall.


4. Fix the socket: Pull out the plug and wires to a certain length from the front of the hole, align the socket with the hole and fix it with screws. If it is found that the hole in the wall is too large, it is necessary to add supports such as gaskets to ensure stable fixation.


5. Test adjustment: Connect the audio to the socket, and test whether the output is normal, and observe whether the background logo is accurate. If there is a problem, you can adjust or replace the socket according to the specific situation.


6. Complete the installation: After the installation is complete, you can expand or install additional wall speaker sockets as needed.

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