/ Wall Plate Bracket Ideas: How to Organize Your Cables and Wires Like a Pro


Wall Plate Bracket Ideas: How to Organize Your Cables and Wires Like a Pro

1. Install a Wall Plate with Cable Management: Look for wall plate

brackets with built-in cable management. These brackets typically

have loops or clips to secure cables along the wall, keeping them neat and organized.


2. Wall Plate with Double-Gang Configuration: Wall plate brackets

with a double-gang configuration are ideal for larger cable installations.

You can use one side of the bracket to organize Ethernet cables or

coaxial cables, while the other side can be used for electrical wiring.


3. Custom Wall Plates: Customized wall plates are another option for

organizing cables and wires. These plates can be designed to fit your

specific needs and may include ports for various cables and connectors,

such as USB or HDMI.


4. Wall Plate with Pass-Through Ports: Wall plate brackets with

pass-through ports are designed with small holes that allow cables

to pass through. These brackets are great for tidying up cables

that run through walls or ceilings.


5. Wall Plate with Built-In Power Outlet: Some wall plate brackets

come with a built-in power outlet, which is perfect for charging

devices or powering lights without the need for bulky power strips or extension cords.


6. Wall Plate with Built-In USB Ports: Similar to wall plates with

power outlets, wall plates with built-in USB ports can help you

save space by eliminating the need for extra cables and adapters.


No matter which option you choose, remember to use zip ties

or cable wraps to secure the cables in place and prevent them

from becoming a tangled mess.

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