/ What is HDMI wall panel Keystone?


What is HDMI wall panel Keystone?

An HDMI wall plate keystone is a type of device that allows you to connect your HDMI cables through the wall, rather than having them run along the surface. It typically consists of a plastic or metal plate that mounts flush against the wall, with a slot for inserting an HDMI cable on one side and a standard keystone jack on the other. The keystone jack can then be inserted into a compatible faceplate or patch panel, allowing the HDMI connection to be easily accessed from behind the wall.

HDMI wall plate keystones provide a convenient and tidy solution for managing HDMI cables in home theaters, conference rooms, and other spaces where multiple devices need to be connected to a display. They also help protect the cables from damage and make it easier to change out devices without having to re-route the cables.

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